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Yerfdog Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

I am looking at my weapon list in Happyponygate, and I've broken it into certain categories, based on what type of damage they do. You know, like in an RPG you might have Fire damage, Lightning damage, and Acid damage maybe. I have 5 other types of damage I am not going to tell you about just yet.

I ended up deciding I didn't like one of the categories at all, so I shuffled things around, and now there are only 4 categories of weapon instead of 5. But that actually means I need more weapons! Previously there were 2 weapons of each type, and now there are 3. So that means 2 new weapons (actually more than that, because I also dropped a couple weapons I didn't like). But I've figured out all the weapons and I'm quite happy with them... except for one. I have one blank weapon slot.

So here is your challenge:

1 - Post an idea in this thread for a weapon for Bouapha to use in Happyponygate.

2 - The weapon must inflict CHOCO DAMAGE. (That's short for chocolate, in case you had any doubt)

3 - If your weapon inspires me the most, it will go in the game, and you will go in the credits as the weapon designer!

4 - I may just invent my own if nothing is inspirational enough, so be inspiring!

5 - I will definitely have this weapon chosen by Monday, April 14th, so get your entry in before that.

6 - No limit on entries, so post away with whatever you think of. This is kind of a brainstorming session.

7 - It is possible for there to be multiple winners, for example if I like a weapon but prefer the name of another weapon. I may combine entries in that way, and both winners will get credit.

8 - Don't use trademarked names in your name. Firing colorful candy-coated chocolates is fine, but using M&M in the name is not going to be a name I can use!

Tips on weapon design:

- Nothing extremely elaborate, like "it drops a block of chocolate from the sky that folds out into a chocolate robot and you hop in and can shoot guys". I'm looking for a general use weapon that you would be firing constantly, not a super attack you could only use once every 5 minutes.

- Not much of a tip, but I am trying to make the 12 weapons completely distinct, each with their own use and purpose, so it's not just a matter of whether you want red or blue bullets. That means I won't be interested in weapons similar to what I already have. Unfortunately, I must keep the existing weapons secret, so this tip is of no use to you. Still, stay away from the really basic ideas - ordinary machine gun, shotgun, flamethrower, etc. If you have a twist on those, you may be the winner, but doing something more out of the ordinary is more likely to win. I really this kind of leaves you shooting in the dark, so to speak, but a guy's gotta have his secrets.

- All weapons have a chance of getting a critical hit, which means they do extra damage and cause a special effect. The special effect that Choco damage causes is Stickiness, which either (I haven't decided yet, based on having removed a damage type) paralyzes the victim for a short while, or slows them down for a somewhat less short while. This may or may not inspire your weapon design. A couple weapons have super high chances of critical hits and very low damage, making them more for inflicting status effects than for doing damage. So you may be interested in making a gun that has a primary purpose of making enemies Sticky rather than hurting them. Or just go for the more traditional raw damage, with a slim chance of Stickiness. Either is acceptable.

- Don't make it so weird that the player wouldn't know when or where to use it, or it's only effective in one extremely unlikely situation... remember, you want the player to be using this thing regularly! It's definitely okay (and good) if the weapon has a specific niche in which it is useful, like handy for slaying a single large foe, or good at clearing out a crowd of little ones.

- Just because it does Choco damage doesn't mean it needs to actually fling chocolate at your enemies. To make this point I have to sadly give away one of my favorite weapons, but the Cookie Chipper fires huge chocolate chip cookies that embed themselves in enemies and buzzsaw them, flinging out chocolate chips to hit other enemies. So, you can see the Choco connection there, but it is in fact mostly flour doing the actual damage if you think about it. So don't be afraid to get crazy with it. A Nougat Nuke would definitely be legitimate Choco damage. A Caramel Cannon would be fine. Anything strongly related to chocolate will do.

- Also, you don't have to make an alliterative name. Some of the existing ones actually aren't, if you can believe that! Somehow I resisted.

- Don't be afraid to make something like what someone else has already posted. There are only so many different ways to fling chocolate around! Your entry may win because your little twist on the idea might be better than what the other person posted, or maybe you gave it a better name. But of course, don't plagiarize - I'll just pick the person you stole it from instead of you!

- That's about all I can think of. Invent a Choco Weapon!

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