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Default Re: Evolution RPG II

Yeay! Anyways, Story: Humans are Finally advanced enough to go out in search of new life! One problem... no new life exists yet. its YOUR job to BE that new life! But because evolution takes so long, we'll start way before humans have found the means to travel far into space. MILLIONS of years ago.

A new planet had just been born- its core was spewing magma everywhere across the surface, and life was scarce... except, that is, in a small utopia! Housed in a cave, sheltered from the extreme heat, lay a little bed of cells, waiting, to BURST into new life! It is, EVOLUTION RPG II!

Davedude: You are one of the lucky cells that manifested itself out of nothing- you simply started to exist! Now make your way in this strange world! You see multiple other cells around you, disoriented from their new found world.

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