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Lightbulb Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!


Blarney - an Irish version of you-know-who. He's green instead of purple,
and goes around spreading sappiness and "good luck" for the
creatures (which is bad luck for Bouapha, obviously) while singing in an Irish accent.
I suppose he could be part of a species of dinosaurs...Hmmm, probably
should think more about that.

Bright Harbinger - Just a small version of the sun wearing sunglasses; I
guess they always come before Bouapha faces a
drastic situation. (Since "Harbinger" is like "forerunner"
and "omen... at least, that's what Microsoft Word tells

Happy Circuitry or Metallic Joy - Happy robots! In the style of the SwC bots, altough these
have a metallic-yet-pretty (think stained glass) look to them.

Hippies -...

Loviathons - Joy-filled alligators or crocodiles

Hardy hearts - Valentine's Day hearts that are red, very small, and really hard to beat.

Krazy Klowns - Sort of a reference to one of the biggest B-movies of all time. These guys wear polka dotted clothes,
makeup, goofy hats, etc.

Edit: Whoops! Smile posted as I was writing this. Oh well...
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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