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Default Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

A sort-of renovation of my last idea.

Cittens - Small cute kittens that wanders the city. They're really evil killer cats, merely using their cuteness to draw you in. They have big cute eyes, about 1/3 to 1/4 of the size of their whole body. (That's what the C is for!) Another characteristic is that they have a tongue sticking out between two fangs on the side of their mouth. (Like Scratchy from he Simpsons) They stand up on two legs or crawl on four legs.

Kats - Bigger fat cats. They have the same characteristics as Cittens, except their eyes are normal sized, and they are much bigger and heavier. They can only sit, and cannot stand or crawl like the Cittens.

Optional Thing - I don't know, I was thinking this while I was typing. I was thinking this race could be part of the "Merry Mafia", a sub-group of the Happy Pony Empire. Cittens would be average mafia goons, Kats would be the higher ups, and a boss somewhere could be the Godfather. This was just an optional thing, as the the race can go without a story.
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