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Default Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

My Lollipop gang:

Little Sucker:
They have a little sucker for their heads(think a dum dum) with the stick going down for the body.
They have additional suckers sticking out of the main(head) stick for arms and legs.

Like a stickman with suckers at the end os his arms/legs and head(All the suckers are the same size, the head/body one has a longer stick though)

These are smaller than bouapha and come in big swarms.

Lolli pop men:
The second in the rank of goons. These are just like the little suckers only they are as big as bouapha.

Lolli Byes:
A variation of the little suckers, they carry jawbreakers and run at you.
Once they reach you, they wave and the jawbreaker explodes.

(Oops... I guess that's just an attack... and a name too)

Lord Lolli:
The leader(Duh) of the lollipops.

Uses one of those HUGE lollipops(The ones that swirl around) for a head, he has (gumdrop?)eyes and a (Licorice)mouth.

He has big ROUND(Like a ball) suckers for his hand and the sticks are his arms.
Same for the legs, but their sticks are abit longer.

The main focus of him is the head, it is completely oversized!

I know I'm not supposed to but... Here are some possible attacks...
1. He falls over, crushing you under his head.
2. A long licorice tounge comes out of his mouth, he tries to grab and eat you.(or it just whips you)
3. Spin attack
4. Punch you maybe?

Yep, that's it for the loolipop gang...

One more beast for now:

Caring Herring:
Well, it's a fish... Maybe it wants to give you a gift so it brings you underwater garbage or rocks and piles them up on bridges...

Or it could pop it's head up, smile, then shoot at you...
These come in medium swarms(4-8.)
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.

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