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Yerfdog Re: Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

Berryzoids: These incidiously pleasant serpents dwell within the strawberry rivers of Happy Pony Land. Hamumu games need more zoids, because zoids are the best! I bet there'd be Chocozoids swimming around, too.

Ice Screamer: These look like scoops of ice cream with giant cone hats, big eyes, and little arms/legs. They have funny voices. They wield guns of the Sweet variety.

Marshmallow Supersoldier: Doctor Lunatic had first utilized Zombies, which he made into Super Zombies. Who's to say that the Happy Ponies haven't utilized the same technique? Marshmallow Supersoldiers are giant versions of their puny cousins. Unfortunately, this massive increase in size and strength has come at a cost of intelligence- Marshmallow Supersoldiers are no longer smart enough to be left alone with a candy gun, so they just run around punching stuff. These aren't bosses, just tough enemies.

Ninjabread Men: Aaaagh, they've returned! Run! Run for your lives!

Happiness Enforcer: Some sort of Happy Pony Land tank- The ponies advanced enough to tear open reality and build candy weaponry, so who's to say that they can't they make tanks? Instead of wheels, these have candy canes (like sled tracks) and utilize some sort of propulsion device that shoots sparkles so it can move. It has a ridiculously huge version of one of the game's weapons on top (or maybe just a platform with some sort of other soldier controlling a turret). If you don't like the candy cane tracks idea, you could always just use cookie wheels.

Animal Cookies: You know, those pink cookies that look like animals. Except these are alive. Yeah, that's all I have. Maybe they could run in hordes at the player and constantly spawn out of cookie boxes.
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