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Juka juka: a tiki mask, stuck on a scarecrow body. they will spot you 20 feet away, and will chase you relentlessly. no stopping them. fortunatly, the have low hp, and only have 2 attacks
Hp: about.... 10?
Attacks: hit(1-3 damage) wukawuka summon(once per 3 seconds)
Attacks speed: really fast

Wuka wuka: a smaller version of the juka juka. except, they are less dangerous, well, in contrast.
Hp: 7-8
Attacks: hit(1-2 damage) TIKI BURRN!(lights you on fire, doing 3 damage instantly, and 1 damage each second for 5 seconds)
Attack speed: fast
Speed: really fast

Juka wuka: when 3 wuka wuka are summoned, it becomes a juka wuka. they are way powerful, but slower under the weight.
Hp: 20, +1 each 2 seconds(heal)
Attacks: WHAM!(5-6) TIKI TIKI BURN!(same as tiki burn, but 2 damage every second) Summon crowly(once per 3 seconds)
Attack speed: Medium
Speed: slow

Crowly: big, fat crows. powerful, but REALLY slow.
Hp: 10
Attacks: peck(1-3)
Attack speed: medium
Speed: really slow

I even thought of a level for them to be on. its a farm on an island for some reason. cause they are tiki scarecrow's. If i find a blanks space in maze of ludicrosity, ill add a tiki farm :3

NOTE: didn't mean to put info, but now i don't want to erase my hard work.

Hammer Upity!: it will display the message HAMMER UPITY! and then a hammer monster will be summoned. these hammers that summon the hammer golem, are darker red in color, and hard to distinguish from normal hammers.

Hammer golem: big, golem made out of multi colored hammers.
Severly slow, and severly powerful. severly healthy, and serverly severe.
HP: 50! wow
Attacks: hammer throw(same as boupha's, 3-4 damage) HAMMER down...(Steals hammers from you, and you cant get them back till golem is dead) HAMMER UP UP UP!!(Jumps up, and you cant see it. watch out for the shadow that follows you. it will get bigger as he falls. get out of the way! half hp- instant kill)
Attack speed:medium

These mimic hammers are only in levels with many hammer ups, say 5, 10.

PANTS OF PANTYS!: pants that are deeper blue than normal pants. Hard to distinguish, and summon pants demon.

Pants demon: they're zippers are pointy teeth, witch they use to bite you.
since they are technically pants of power, watch out! they run so fast it hurts.
Attacks: munch(1-2) Zipp( so fast, it seems like telporting)

NOTE: didn't mean to put info, but now i don't want to erase my hard work.
EDIT: this game uses a gun system? then the mimic monsters wont work >.<

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