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Yerfdog Happyponygate Boss Contest!

The one you've been waiting for! There will be quite a few bosses in Happyponygate, and it's time for you to invent one. The rules:

1 - The contest ends June 1st! Winner(s) will be announced then.

2 - Make up a boss monster for Bouapha to fight. Yes, attacks and all. A specific, big, scary, happy monster.

3 - I am hereby giving up and revealing the four elements in the game: Sweet, Choco, Cute, and Snuggle/Love (I'm not sure which name I will use - Love seems more accurate, but Snuggle is funnier... Snuggle Damage. It's hearts and rainbows and such). Those are the 4 kinds of damage. Your boss should specialize in one of them. For example, you might make a giant chocolate kiss (don't!), which of course would do choco damage with its heavy malt ball launcher. Or an evil Care Bear that shoots Love rays.

4 - Your boss may be a Happy Pony, but may also be any sort of Happyponyland monster. If it is a pony, you'll have to describe it more interestingly than that - what makes it stand out and look different from just any old pony?

5 - Don't go insane. This isn't the final boss, it's just one of many.

6 - Pictures are more than welcome and may help your cause!

7 - Don't specify stats of any kind... even *I* don't know what sorts of numbers will be appropriate at this point. Of course, feel free to say things like "this boss has very little health but does tons of damage, and moves very fast so it's hard to hit", or whatever.

I will choose the winner based on my preferences and whatever other mysterious criteria I may have (like how and where I want to use the boss, which you can't possibly know). The winning entry receives 200 Yerfbucks and of course gets their boss put in the game, and their name in the credits as a Monster Designer. There may be two joint winners - one for the name, and one for the design.

At my discretion I may select any number of Finalists as well, which don't win, but will get 20 YB each.

I reserve the right to steal any and all ideas posted in this thread for any purpose I wish! I also reserve the right to mix and match from different monsters.

Note: The resulting monster will look and act absolutely nothing like you imagined. Sorry!
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