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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Delmo - A combination of "deluge" and "Elmo". He will vaguely look like Elmo
from Sesame Street: red (or maybe orange), furry, and happy,
although he will be about 10x bigger than the SS Elmo.

I suppose he could throw some sort of object - bananas,
maybe. Or maybe, if he has his "blankie" (like he had in his own
movie "Adventures in Grouchland"), he could whip that around to
create a vortex/mini-tornado of sorts that would suck Bouapha into it
and - of course - damage him.

Licorice Lich - Yessir, folks! Richie is back, and with a different name.
Seriously, maybe he has adorable eyes or is a baby (with
pacifier and bonnet), to keep him "Cute".

On to what I DO know: this Lich will press a licorice whip
out of his mouth, and swing it around (by whipping his head around 360 degrees) and attempt to zap/cut Bouapha by having
the whip rip through him. (Duh! ) Alternatively, but less
cool, Lich could fire a Licorice Laser from his mouth - so it
would be red or black instead of green.

Choco-Lich - Another variation of Richie.

This time he shoots hot, liquid
chocolate from his mouth.

Great Aunt Agatha - Everybody has one! She's roughly the same size as Bouapha, has "bundled-up" hair on top of her head,
enormous glasses, sweater and sweat pants, and is rather rotund around the middle. She would fall under
"Snuggle/Love" because she means well, but she just ends up being a pain.

Agatha is really fast on her feet, thanks to years of visiting and dancing at Happy Retirement Home (hey, she's gotta be boss-worthy!). She runs around trying to give Bouapha hugs (and unintentionally squeeze the life out of him) and ?toxic? kisses. Oh, another important point: she has the ability to summon friends to her disposal. These could be more relatives or her Thursday night Bingo teammates.

Pillow Fighter - I think this names already been used before, and maybe this concept, but I don't know for
sure. Anyways, this boss is one big honkin' pillow. His casing is a dirty white (not pure), he
has eyeballs, and at the top of his body is the slit where the pillowcase is yeah.
This guy is essentially a combination boxer/wrestler. He blows Bouapha around with his
body, does body slams onto him, etc. Once he dies, a bunch (15-30) of "Cotton Kids"
try to destroy Bouapha "pumpkin-style" (IE continually bumping into him).

Dr. Feelgood - The '80s song inspired me to create a potential boss with this name. He might look a bit like Dr. Lunatic, but I think
he should be an actual M.D. He might wear a white lab coat and a cloth mouth guard piece, but keep the Dr. L

He might carry a modified tranquilizer gun that slows Bouapha down or something that shoots "Happy Pills". Also, he
might have nurses as minions, in some Hamumu appropriate respect. (Maybe they do damage when Bouapha is tranquilized.)

Happy Time Friend(s)! - From the Supreme Art Gallery! Most notably, that reptilian grim reaper creature with the ax. Oh, and
maybe make a happier Pillboy.

Darthydil (or Flower Power) - A giant daffodil. He might spit bullets (like pollen) from his center.

Mime - One of those pale-faced actors (usually wearing stripes) that pretends to feel and see things that aren't real, etc. I was thinking he could produce invisible attacks, which can barely be visible. Like, if he were to create an "invisible" boulder to roll over Bouapha, all that would be seen would be the creation of tracks...the actual boulder would be invisible. (Just an example)

Krazy Klown - Comments later on this guy.

Mecha Marshmellow Man - This guy would look very much like an oversized Marshmellow Man, although he would be made of metal or steel, colored one way or another, and controlled by another creature, probably a regular MM. I was also thinking, in one hand, he might swing around a popcorn ball on a chain (as a mace) and/or have a gun in the other hand. If the mace is used, the body would be able to separate about halfway through (maybe by firing off like a rocket or popping off for a second) so that the beast wouldn't have turn 360 degrees to swing his mace around (without becoming tangled in it ).

Giftbot 2.0 - I know hardly anything about the original Giftbot and what he did, but I'm going to add my
thoughts on a different version.
Giftbot 2.0 is a combination tank/factory. WHAT, you say? Think of the Furnace dude in SwC.
Giftbot is a really small packaging plant encased in brick or metal or wood, so one doesn't see how the
giftwrapping is accomplished. Each time he/it packages a present, it get shot out of a
cannon or off a conveyer belt and towards Bouapha. (Essentially, presents are the Giftbot's
ammo.) If it hits Bouapha it explodes and nothing is potentially gained. However, if it misses
Bouapha and lands nearby, Bouapha has a chance to open it himself and potentially grab
health or powerups or whatever other goodness may have been packaged. (Not always
goodness, however; Bouapha may accidently open up a package and trigger a bomb inside it.)
Tank part: unlike the furnace, Giftbot 2.0 is able to move, using the tank-light tread/wheels it
has under the packaging plant. It moves slowly, but makes up for that in the damage the
packaged presents do when they hit B.

Poor concept art...

Alternative Version of Giftbot 2.0 - It might look better with a much smaller factory, and Santa driving the vehicle around.
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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