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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Happy Hopper

A Giant Bunny, It takes up a quarter of the screen and hops from one corner to the next, forcing bouapha to move. Throughout Its wacky Run, It can Slap Its Ears down in front of it, hurting bouapha if hes there, And can also lay an egg. This means that when it hops to the next quarter, an egg will remain where it was every so often. This egg isnt quite as large as the bunny, but will explode in a few seconds, so if bouapha is in that quarter when it does, he gets blown to bits!

The Egg, Combined with the Ears, and The Bunny, means That in some cases, bouapha can only be in one corner without being hurt.

It does Cute Damage.

In very rare cases, maybe only when at lowhealth, to trick bouapha, it can jump nto the air, and land in the exact same corner, possibly landing on bouapha.


Happy Hopper X (like matilda X)

Very similar to the happy hopper, but obviously quite a bit more powerful. It is also Partly a bunny, and partly other bosses stitched to it where its arms / ears should be, like a frankinstien monster. These other bosses would also ahve to be cute themed, so that it still inflicts cute damage.

It hops around like its on a sugar rush, super fast, but stops to slap its ears down. when it does this, it does it twice, rapidly. When it lays an egg, it just keeps hopping, and the egg either explodes immediately after being layed, a second later, or ten seconds later, making it appear as if it were a dud.

It also has other attacks, depending on what its body parts are.



A small mouse that wears sunglasses and shakes its fist at bouapha. Bouapha wants to snuggle it so much, that it does snuggle damage.

It runs around franticly, avoiding most of bouaphas shots, AND has a lot of health, meaning you cant just use the oozinater to throw your gooey gaurd dog at it. Its also fast.

To counteract these advantages, it doesnt actually attack. Im not sure if we were suppoed to say where our battle was located, but I imagen mine in an old warehouse on a dock- bouaphas in a room with walkways above and stuff, on a metal floor. The Mouse, frequently runs into a mouse hole, and almost immediately runs from the mouse hole directly opposite, to put some predictablility into the battle. Whenever it is inside the holes, maybe the player can see it running above bouapha through the walkway, triggering a trap or something. then it runs back out.

A Moment later, a barrell of fish falls from the cieling, and hurts bouapha if it hits him. thats not the hard part though- a bunch of sharks come from a pool of water where a boat is being kept and wildly flop around. then it ends, and the mosue runs around a bit, then triggers another trap of Jamuls Design.


Thunder Tiki O' Torture

This monster originated, when a pony fell into an old First Nations museum. then it fused with an old tribal mask... resulting n this! It does sweet damage, and youll see why.

It is a regular pony, but it is standing on its hind legs, with its arms free. its head, instead of a ponies head, is the tribal mask. but its not that its WEARING it, its that that is its head. The mouth opening of the mask moves and such like a real mouth, as do the eyes. the sweet part, is this- when the pony fused with the mask, the feathers on top were turned into candy feathers. now for its attacks.

First, it can run across the screen at bouapha, like a Mr.Crazy-Pants.

It can also raise its hands in the air, and using its dark voodoo magic, wave them like it just dont care.

This causes a dark rain cloud to follow boaupha for a bit, hiting him with lighting unless he moves.

It can Also use the original Pygmy Shamans Attack, with the zappyness.

Also- Another Alternative to when it is dancing with its hands in the air, is a bunch of individual thunderbolts raining from the sky in various places. instead of having shadows for bouapha to avid, they have lack of shadows. Your in a dark place, and they illuminate the floor below them.

Yet Another Alternative to Its Dance Attack, Is to Summon a Disco Ball. This isco Ball Forces the Tiki To Dance so hard, that bolts of energy come from the Disco Ball, and when they hit the ground, they summon mini tiki creatures, which are like pygmys, but shorter. they're all mask basically. Theyre bodies are entirely sweet.

the lightning bolts are made entirely of gummy stuff...

picture! O' Torutre! for my art and spelling skillz are bad!

(Note, the part about it putting its hands in the air, and waving them like it just dont care, and dancing to summon most of its attacks wasnt a joke. this was to make it more happy)
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