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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Okay! Here Goes:

Cyber Happy Pony

A Happy Pony fused with Biomechcanical weaponary, the Cyber Happy pony is designed with large scale happy-fieing in mind. The size of Matilda, with weapons of any element able to be attached, this thing should be avioded. basically, it is a Matilda sized Happy Pony, with weaponary fused with, making it a Cyborg of sorts. It could used any element, but Snuggle/Love would be best.

Chocizer X7000

A giant mech/robot, towering above our Boupha's head, armed with the tastyist of weapons, chocolate. With many choco-cannons, from Choco Missles to Molten Chocolate Flooders, this thing paches a punch. basicaly, this is a large than Boupha robot, with various weapons at its dispoal. These are:
Choco Missles, Deadly homing choclate explosives
Chooclate Coated Bon-Bombs, Bon-Bons coat in chocolate which explode
Molten Chocolate Flooders, These weapons release hot molten chocolate over the field of battle, reducing movement space.
Choco Chip Cannon, Your Generic machine gun weapon, with a choco spin!
Choco Blob Blaster, A gun which fires blobs of choc, which explode when near the player or shot by a non-choco weapon spending chocolate flying, ala xeno hunter death.
Choco Discs, Discs of chocolate which fly through the air.

The Chocizer X7000 could have a stronger, dark version maybe. You don't need to all weapons either, which could lead to many fights with these, with differnet arsenals each time.

That all for now, folks!
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