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Default CTF Game 1!

Game 1 has began! A few notes;

1. You can always see anything non-invisible that is 5 squares away from any player.
2. The flags (and thus, Flag Carrier) are always visible on the map.
3. Yes, there are moats placed around everyone's base. You can cross your own team's moat, or buy a Really Cool Instant Bridge Maker from the Item Shoppe.

Map Key;

Green= Grass: No unusual effects.
Tan= Sand: No unusual effects.
Dark Grey= Base Floor: No unusual effects.
Light Grey= Wall: Unpassable.
Shack= Item Shoppe: If you are adjacent it brings up a list of your Cashe, a list of merchandise, and your current inventory.
Blue= Water: Unpassable. However, the moat around your own team's base is crossable only by your team.
Red= Fire: Take 2 damage by passing through, and 4 by ending your turn on it.

Players (The # beside your name is which order you go in);

Red Team

Pumpkineater the Warrior (10)
kacper8000 the Archer (2)
Sillyman the Mage (3)
seamonkey the Priest (7)
Souperzombie the Rogue (4)

Blue Team

Redbone the Warrior (1)
Connor S. the Archer (8)
Moorblod (Varkarrus) the Mage (6)
Ali G the Priest (9)
Ryuinfinity the Rogue (5)
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