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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!


Type: Love/snuggle

Description: A huge Dragon/Snake like creture, it spits rainbows or hearts out(preferably hearts) as fire.

It can have heart shaped horns/ears and tiny wings.

This creature has decent health, okay in speed, but it's main power is in attack.
The Loviathon should have pink/red/white strips going across it's sides and back.

The Choco Behemoth(alternativly: the Behemoth of happy pony land):
A giant chocolate pony!
Wait a minute... *gasps*
That's not a pony at all!!! It's a GIANT CHOCOLATE HIPPO(potamus)!!!

Ohhhh... I just got another idea by typing that, rather than a hippo, it's a

Yes... The Choco Hippopotomoose!

It is a giant (chocolate) hippo, wwith the antlers of a moose...
It has an aggressive ram attack.
Little choco and/or marshmallow men could sit in his antlers and shoot at you
This great beast has GREAT ammounts of health, it is really slo though(until it charges at you).

It's ram attack does great damage and is ultra accurate.(because after it rams, all the marshmallow/chocolate guys fall out)
The chocolate/ marshmallow men slowly regrow in his antlers, maybe he has 2 pots of marshmallow and chocolate goo straped to him that they come out of...

Most of the time(except right after a ramming) there will be 4-5 choclate(and/or marshmallow) men shooting at you from up in his antlers.

This beast can be very dangerous.
Ofcoarse, it is a chocolate type creature.

Ohhhhhh.... With him being chocolate, this might not fit in but: As he walks around, he leaves a temporary trail of rainbow that hurts you if you step on it.

Ohhhh... That felt good, it was originaly going to be a plain old hippo(in chocolate form.)
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.

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