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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

A couple:

Pwny: A fast moving pony wearing sparkle sun-glasses, and duel weilding what looks like real guns, but fire choco-candy similar to Clodhoppers. He could shoot Rainbow Grenades that release rainbows and smiley faces everywhere!

Ginger the Collosus

Originally Posted by diabloking185 View Post

A giant Gingerbread man made from smaller cingerbread men. He takes up 2 screens (he's really big). His 2 arms, his 2 legs, and his body, are all seperate body parts (kinda like matilda). He can kick you, step on you, Punch you, Eat you, and summon a candy cane to smack you as if he was an old lady with a cane. He can also shoot out giant gumdrops (Pink and lime coloured roly polys). Every time you destroy a body part, it falls off and turns into a small army of gingerbread men, ninjabread men, and bob the biscuits. He can also shoot out even smaller armys by putting his arm into his chest and throwing them out. You have to destroy his 2 arms and 2 legs to get to the chest. The chest walks around with incredibly tiny legs (when his big legs are destroyed he becomes only as big a super duper zombie, and his legs are the same size too.) When his legs are destroyed, he can start shooting an icing coloured death beam. When his arms are destroyed, he starts shooting multiple death beams at a time. if you destroy his chest, he is destroyed.
(remembers my first post ever made on Hamumu, saying how much I liked that idea)


A rabbit with large paws, attempting to hug you. Could be invulnerable until you accomplish something, and he chases you through a maze. Hugs are love type damage, and do a LOT of damage, seeing as he has no other attacks.

Legion (of bunnays!)
This is (somewhat) based off of Legion boss (google at your own risk; He's creepy!) from Castlevania. He is a massive horde of bunnays rolled up in a ball. He chases you down, leaving behind bunnays on the ground, that walk around all dizzy-like. After his health is low enough, a hole may open up, where a giant bunny rear-end pops out firing chocolate. At really low health, the bunnays may all fall off, leaving a massive horde, and a huge bunnay who can pick up and chuck his underlings. You may not do this, because of the modeling it requires, but still... It was fun getting all that out. He may have a different name due to what he's based off of.

Safety Elephant:
Looks like an elephant with a stopsign, a whistle, and some clothes. He could blow his whistle, hurting your ears, then proceed to raise his stopsign and march right over top of you. He could hit you at close range with his stopsign, or hit you to knock you back. This guy would be cute type.
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