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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Yerfdog: He goes around bouncing at you (hurts you when he lands) and makes gusts of wind. The more you hit him, the faster his hp goes down. He has a ton of hp but when you hit him for let's say 10dmg he gets hurt 2.5dmg/sec forever until he dies. As he shrinks from uninflating.

Happy Stick Marshmallow: He leaves a trail of goo behind him that hurts you while you pass over him and also rams unto you hurting you/pushing you to the side.(Maybe the marshmallow gun cold heal him too)

Love Turtle: He can attack you by spinning inside his shell and is invulnerable and hurts you when he bashing into you. Chucking hearts at you. When hit by it, it confuse you and he could also be able to go inside of his shell as a shield
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