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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Apocalypse Pony- a fusion of the four horsemen for the sake of less data, but is two-three times the size due to it's massively evil happiness.

is colored black and has PINK eyes, and trails smoke behind it. It's attacks include flashing bright pink (no details while pink, just shape) releasing a large shockwave (pink), which takes away about 60 (out of 128 hp); It launches pink energy bombs (like the yellow ones from Dr.l) in a spiral, the bombs explode into pink energy shots; it can charge at you leaving a trial of rainbow fire behind it; It can summon other Happy Ponies while saying in a cute voice 'I'm too cute to let you live' (or something along those lines) it can fire pink energy in various patterns; each attack, it speaks with it's cute, soothing voice; (a different thing to say for each attack) and lastly, it can taunt you with it's voice which leaves you unable to fire for 5 seconds.

HP: enough to make it last long

I think it reveals the true nature of the Happy Pony. Cute, Deceptive, (is that a word?) joyfully evil (does evil in a happy way)

A note about it's looks, by smokey trail, I meant it's mane and tail (maybe hooves too) Are smoke and leave more smoke behind. It basically looks like a My Little Pony, except it's not afraid to show it's true nature. lol

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