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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Chocolat Robo (Yes, the chocolat belongs in the name, without e)
Can shoot one, fat bullet per 10 seconds. But, these bullets explode in 10 smaller bullets, and these bullets explode in 2 smaller bullets! And these bullets have a big explosion! Choco damage, logically (I mean, look at the robot!), and he hovers above the ground. He hovers at a height that you only can hit the jets. Also, all of his parts have a own life meter (Like Matilda). If you defeat the jets, he will fall on the ground, and he hops along the floor. He can attack (Except for his bullets) by hopping into the player, and when he has its jets, by hovering above the player. (Because of the flames) When he is defeated, he will explode.

Wow, that was a long post!

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