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Originally Posted by Connor S. View Post
What are the moves everyone can make? I think it wise to repost the rules here.
The rules;

1. The goal is to get to the opponent's base, snatch their flag, and run it back to your base.
2. Your team is PM'd a map which shows terrain, the location of the flags, friendly players, the item Shoppe, and any enemies within 5 spaces of friendly players.
3. You must select a class when you sign up. The classes have different moves and speed, which allows certain classes to move further than others. 1 speed = 1 space.
4. When an enemy player is killed, anyone that inflicted damage on them gets Cashe, which is used to buy items at the Item Shoppe. In order to buy from the Shoppe, you must be adjacent to it. Items are used just like moves. Doing more damage to a foe gets you more Cashe when they're killed, and being the one to kill them gets an extra Cashe bonus. Items and Cashe are transferable.
5. To take a flag, you must stop and end your turn on it. If you are on the opposing team and stop on it, you will pick it up and must flee back to your base. If you are on the team that owns the flag, it will be teleported back to your base.
6. If two players from opposing teams try to stop on the same space, they will bump into each other and move back one space.
7. Range is how far a move\item can hit from. 1 range = 1 space.
8. If you die, you will be resurrected at your base 2 turns from your death.
9. A turn goes like this; move, then use a move. Attacking while moving is not allowed.
10. Moves cost energy. Everyone starts with 10 energy. Energy is replenished by not moving your full speed and not attacking. Moving your full speed costs 1 energy.
11. There are various terrain types that will be unveiled once the game has started. Fire is one.
12. A random roll of dice will decide who goes when, and what team you're on.


HP: 25
Speed: 3
Move 1: Sword Attack: Do 2 damage to 1 foe. 1 energy. 1 range.
Move 2: Sword Spin: Do 3 damage to all foes withing range. 3 energy. 1 range.
Move 3: Block: Decreases damage taken this turn by 1 per attack. 2 energy. 0 range.
Move 4: Crossbow Shot: Do 2 damage to 1 foe. 2 energy. 3 range.

HP: 15
Speed: 4
Move 1: Arrow: Do 2 damage to 1 foe. 1 energy. 7 range.
Move 2: Arrow Volley: Do 3 damage to all foes within a 4-block square pattern. 3 energy. 4 range.
Move 3: Sharpshot: Do 5 damage to 1 foe after a turn passes. 4 energy. 8 range.
Move 4: Burning Arrow: Lights a square on fire, or does 3 damage to a foe standing there. 3 energy. 5 range.

HP: 10
Speed: 4
Move 1: Fireball: Do 3 damage to 1 foe, or light a square on fire. 1 energy. 3 range.
Move 2: Ice Shock: Negate an opponent's move this turn and do 1 damage to the foe. 2 energy. 4 range.
Move 3: Enchantment: Increase the damage inflicted by any one ally's attack this turn by 2. 3 energy. Infinite range.
Move 4: Mind Control: Controls an enemy's move this turn. Cannot be used on Flag Carriers. 5 energy. 3 range.

HP: 10
Speed: 3
Move 1: Heal: Restores 2 of an ally's HP. 1 energy. 5 range.
Move 2: Smite: Does 2 damage to 1 foe. 1 energy. 2 range.
Move 3: Resurrect: Resurrects a dead ally in front of you. If there is no space open in front of you, they will be resurrected behind you. 5 energy. Infinite range.
Move 4: Sacrifice: Kill yourself to kill 1 opponent. Anyone killed by the result of Sacrifice (other than the Priest) takes 1 more turn to resurrect by normal means. 5 energy. Target must be able to be seen.

HP: 15
Speed: 5
Move 1: Stealth: Cannot be detected by enemies until you are adjacent to them. However, Stealth reduces your speed to 3 and you cannot Stealth when carrying the flag. Attacking puts you out of stealth. Lasts until cancelled. 0 energy. 0 range.
Move 2: Suprise Attack: Can only be used while stealthed at the beginning of the turn. Does 4 damage. 3 energy. 1 range.
Move 3: Poisoned Throwing Knife: Does 2 initial damage, and does 1 damage per turn for 3 turns. 2 energy. 3 range.
Move 4: Hamstring: Does 1 damage and makes the victim's Speed 1 for 2 turns. 3 energy. 1 range.

Also, it is SZ's turn!
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