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Erm... sorry for not updating the story... Just a little 'Writer's sphere' And just plain forgetting. And I just came up with quite a twist for much later on. Now, the exact twist can be altered... *some time passes in writing that particular sentence* Okay, there we go. Got the one variant that I'm going to use. Plus side of getting distracted by thoughts and what I'm going to write after I finish what I'm talking about.

Oh, and yeah, I probably could have done this earlier, as I do do this on the spot... but then I might not have been able to do it in exactly this way. Oh, and I wouldn't have been able to create exactly the same imagery... Well, onward and foreword(which this kinda is ) to the actual writing of the story.
Hollow footsteps echoed through the now empty, dark hospital hallways. Well, almost empty. This was indeed after hours and when the night staff helped keep everything running during the graveyard shift. An extra pair of slightly limping footsteps along with the creaking sound of old wheels moving across the tiled floor. They belonged to a quite strange gentleman who had used an old equal opportunity act to squeeze his way into employment. Well, except for the wheels, those belonged to the standardized janitorial equipment he had to use.

His face was severely bandaged, due to an accident he had earlier, although the details he gave were quite vague, but it was to be expected, due to the trauma the hospital had to treat him for. At least, that's what his story was, to whoever asked.

The bemused janitor kept walking until he reached a familiar door. He got out his large keyring, oddly enough having only the key he used to unlock the door. After rolling in his equipment, he gently closed the door behind him, as if it was an old friend he had not seen in a long time. Indeed, one could say that it was in a way. It had been months since he had seen that door as he himself chuckled when realizing what he had just done.

"Ahh... It feels odd being back in the old office, after all these months. I must make sure those filthy scoundrels haven't stolen everything," murmured the bemused janitor, noticing a distinct lack of trinkets and books, although they did leave the layer of dust that covered most of the surfaces, although perhaps they didn't, and this was new dust from his absence. He sighed and opened one of the desk drawers, pausing only to contemplate what he would do if the drawer's contents had indeed been moved, while placing his hand in the drawer.

He looked inside, and realized that he had quite narrowly missed what was inside, although perhaps this was a good thing, considering what the drawer's contents actually were. Someone had a twisted sense of humor. All the drawer now contained was a single, set mouse trap. The bandaged custodian chuckled at the perhaps accidental symbolism that that lone trap had, compared to his life.

Well, it was time to get the actions planned for him tonight started. He placed an odd article in the drawer, not in a particular fashion, just making sure that it was placed face up. Quite ironically, the trap snapped on the article, and not just that, the word 'FIRE' of the headline was encircled by the metal bars.

Leaving the drawer open, he rummaged through the cart, until he found what he was looking for within it. A simple hammer, designed to allow the user to escape a flooding car by smashing a window, although it was an interesting shade of red. With a few well placed hits, the window of the office shattered - but didn't break.

He dropped the hammer into an empty waste bin, and proceeded to drop the bandages that were on him, at least the ones that were on the skin that would have normally would have been visible, on top of the hammer. He was amazed at how much the plastic surgeons had been able to change, as he felt his face. No one would recognize him now.

With that finished, he could finally wrap up the end of his night. He threw- no hurtled the janitorial's cart THROUGH the now weakened window, screaming some oddly mad, unintelligible yell. He was confident, everything was going great. All he had to do now was to remember that the doctor was no more. This proved much easier, as he accidentally slipped and knocked himself out. And the doctor really was no more.

Those who responded were shocked. With one of them saying exasperatingly, "crazy git!" They moved him to the only emergency response area that was available...In the insanity ward. Which, incidentally, was more or less where the unconscious person had wanted to be, minus the emergency response part.
Want to have input into it? Well, all you have to do is come up with a name for the doctor and the identity of the new patient of the ward. It also seems that the records of who worked here and who the patients in the insanity ward are. Luckily, you have a chance to come up with the details. You can even come up with self-inserts. All I and my pal Igor here need are names, personality, and, if applicable, mental disorder(s). And we won't change the entries...much. You have our word as a man in a mad scientists coat, and me! (Nah, I'm the one in the coat, Igor just got a hold of the keyboard 'No I didn't!'. Igor can be quite silly sometimes)

Oh, and if something happens to your character/ a character you like. Or perhaps some other oddity. Remember, it's just a story. You really should just relax.

And remember, a lot of the people are insane
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