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Yerfdog Happyponygate Skill Contest!

Yes, the boss contest is still going on, but it's too long. We need another contest at the same time! Feel free to enter both.

Your goal here is to invent a skill that Bouapha can put points into. There are two slots I haven't filled, and room for 8 more skills as well, but I don't really intend to use those slots. Still, if you come up with amazing ideas, I'll put them in anyway! Now, pay attention to what I need for this:

1 - Contest ends June 10th!
2 - Submit as many ideas as you like.
3 - I reserve the right to steal any and all things posted in this thread.
4 - I also reserve the right to use none of them!
5 - One more right, I reserve the right to modify your ideas as much as I want.
6 - If your entry is chosen to fill one of the two slots, you get 50 YB and your name in the credits as a Skill Designer.
7 - I may choose one person's name to go with another's skill. In this case, each person gets 25 YB, and both get credited.
8 - If I choose your skill or name to go in the 8 extra slots, you get credited, but no Yerfbucks. You're really shooting to capture those precious 2 slots!
9 - If you don't read the huge essay below and the sneak peek it links to, you really aren't going to win. Seriously. To make a skill, you really need to know what the skills are like. There's a lot to read, but you'll need the info!

SO... What is a skill?

Click here for the Sneak Peek that covers lots of important info

The skills are broken into four sets. As you may guess, those sets are Choco, Sweet, Snuggle, and Cute. Some of the skills are activated, but yours won't be. It must be a passive skill. As an example, one skill makes all your attacks do 10% more damage. Simple. A constant, passive boost.

But passive doesn't have to be a constant boost. It just can't be directly activated. It can activate for any of a number of reasons - maybe it triggers when your life gets low (none of the existing skills do!), or it is something that happens each time you hit someone, or each time you get hit, or a random chance each time you pick up a coin (also unused, and kind of weird), or each enemy you beat, or on critical hits, or a million other circumstances. Just so long as the player doesn't need to actively choose to turn it on.

The two sets that are each missing a skill are Sweet and Cute. So you can focus there to win the prize, but if you just want to get something in at all, there are 2 more slots possible in each set.

Skills have 5 levels, with a simple numerical change (for example, that skill I mentioned above is actual 2% per level, so it's 10% with all 5 points). Don't make something like "At level 3, it adds boulders flying out of your nose!" - the only change from level to level is the number getting bigger (or smaller).

But don't think you need to make something boring like "+10% to damage". In fact, that is guaranteed not to win, because everything like that has already been covered in my skill sets. A more interesting skill example is "Candy Corn: A chance to fire off 1-5 Candy Corns that do 2 damage every time you hit an enemy. The chance is equal to the damage inflicted." (that's under Sweet, of course). Notice that that is still a passive skill, it just happens on its own. But it's fun and exciting to encounter. Something like that is good!

Don't forget cute and clever thematic names! The skills Hot Chocolate and Sugar Rush already exist, so don't try them.

So, the key points to take home from this seminar are:

1 - Don't forget the four flavors, and what each one is focused on (handy tables in the journal entry contain this information!).

2 - Don't forget what the critical effects for each flavor are. You might want to work with those in some way!

3 - Don't do the simple stuff, like "+10% damage" - I already did! Do something fun and unique.

4 - Your skill has to be passive, not something the player chooses to activate.

5 - Skills have 5 levels with simple numerical differences between them. Express this like "Gives you 2-10% more damage with Sweet weapons" (a nice range easily divisible by 5, you note!).

6 - Skills might boost their own element, or apply to everything.

7 - Make up a clever and fitting name!
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