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Default Re: Happyponygate Skill Contest!

Dark chocolate: This candy is quite bitter, and the only kind of chocolate not used by Ponies. Dark chocolate will cause bullets to repel sometimes.
1st level: 2% chance to repel, Repels if bullet reaches 5 metres.
2nd level: 4% chance to repel. Repels if bullet reaches 7 metres.
And so on.

When they repel, it's not if you get hit, it's if the bullets get close. They just slow down, stop, then go in the other direction. The range shows how close the bullet needs to be in order to activate the repel.

Rich Chocolate: Full of calories
1st level: 1% chance each hit to gain 10$
2nd level: 2% chance each hit to gain 11$

You can tell you gained money if the bullet bounces off, turns gold, then hits you again. You still take damage. Melee attacks just create a gold orb.
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