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Default Re: Happyponygate Skill Contest!

Sugar-Covered Candy:Increases Speed when HP is low.

Level 1:15% Increase
Level 2:25% Increase
Level 3:30% Increase
Level 4:40% Increase
Level 5:50% Increase

Flaming Heart:Increases number of flames that the victim leaves when Heartwarmed.

Level 1:1 Flame.
Level 2:2 Flames.
Level 3:4 Flames.
Level 4:5 Flames.
Level 5:6 Flames.

Cotton Candy:Sometimes makes enemies slower when hit.

Level 1:10% Chance,2 Seconds Duration.
Level 2:15% Chance,3 Seconds Duration.
Level 3:20% Chance,4 Seconds Duration.
Level 4:25% Chance,5 Seconds Duration.
Level 5:30% Chance,6 Seconds Duration.

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