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Yerfdog Re: Happyponygate Skill Contest!


Sticky Fingers
Enemies drop more money per point.

Indiana Jellybeans
Licorice Whip does more damage per point! *Insert Indiana Jones theme here*

Trick Or Treat
Yes, I know sweet is mainly offensive, but I like this idea. When enemies are defeated, they have a chance of dropping a bag of candies, which heals the player when picked up! The likelihood of a goodie bag dropping is some percentage increase per point (like 1 or 2 percent more likely per point).

Tooth Ache
Enemies with Tooth Decay recieve (points*5 %) more damage from Sweet attacks.


What's Up, Doc?
Mind controlled cute-type creatures do more damage with more points, or maybe they sometimes drop healing carrots for their owner pal for more points.

Pop Goes The Weasel
Awwwed minions asplode when they die. Explosions are bigger and probably do more damage per level.

I don't know what this does, but I just wanted to suggest the name.

Say, what happens when Bouapha gets ''Awww''ed?
T&T- New Region!

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