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Default Re: Happyponygate Skill Contest!

You guys know that only Sweet and Cute skills can win prizes, right?


Sugar and Spice (or, as an alternative name, Sugar-Man Returns)
The power of sugar rushes helps Bouapha regain his super-powers. Cool-down for Sweet-based super powers shrinks with more points!


Destroyed objects will randomly release killer hamsters that had been hiding within! Bouapha becomes better at finding hidden hamsters as he invests more points.

The user will barely survive attacks that would normally kill him, unless he has (points*2) health or less.

Duck and Cover (Just because Truffle Translator didn't win the weapons contest!)
With the first point invested, Bouapha has a duck that flies around him and shoots some sort of attack (Feathers? Bullets from a gun? Eye lasers? Some sort of projectile) . It's pretty much the same as the standard orbiters/toasties/summon Ptero from other Dr L style games. It takes damage whenever Bouapha does, and when it dies, it doesn't come back for a certain amount of time. As more points are invested, it gets upgraded more (more damage, more abilities, more HP, less reviving time, etc). This could fill up more than one skill slot.

Schrodinger's Pets
Dead cute enemies will have a (points) chance of returning from the grave on your side, but with a very small amount of HP! It doesn't work on bosses.

Wabbit Weflexes
Bouapha has a (points)% chance of dodging attacks. At 5, instead of merely dodging the attacks, Bouapha will punch the incoming bullet so that it reflects back at enemies.
T&T- New Region!

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