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Default Re: Happyponygate Skill Contest!

I am making this post on account of .Blue Dwarf.
(He seems to have lost his password.... The Email goes to his dad, who isn't going to be home for awhile and when he does get home, we are leaving for the weekend and BD just didn't want to wait(cause he might forget(He doesn't write things down)))

Anyway, this is by .Blue Dwarf.:

Puppy Eyes:
Damage type: Cute(partially where ever rainbows come from too...)

When your health is getting low(5-15%) Your eyes seem to expand and get sad looking...

The enemies just can't seem to shoot at you AS much, sure they wsill continue firing, but not as often.

With each level they shoot at you 15%less(so at the end, they only shoot 1/4 as much as they normally would)


If that doesn't wwork wwith how the game is, then the enemies bullets do less damage.
(Cause they shoot you in a less painful spot because they don't want to hurt you)

They hurt you 2-5%(Add onto old percentage) less

For both versions:

When it is activated(5-15% health) There is a slight chance that you may shoot rainbow lasers out of those big eyes.

At first, these do hardly any damage(1/5 whatever a normal rainbow laser does).
With each level, it adds another fifth until it is as powerful as a normal rainbow laser gun.

It has a 2(or 5)% chance of firing on every second, each level it adds another 2(or 5)%
(So in the end, there is only a 10(or 25)% chance it will fire(but it tries to fire every second, so it might be shooting alot)

Totally alternate idea for it:
It just does the rainboww eye thing(bump it up to 5% per level so it ends at twentyfive) and change it's type to snuggle, dump the defense thing though.
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