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Default Re: Happyponygate Skill Contest!

Whenever Bouapha gets a major combo, all monsters within a certain area have a certain probability of being awwed. At higher levels the area becomes larger, the probability of being awwed is greater, or the combo size required to trigger it decreases. Or maybe all three.

Sweet attacks are super-sweet, so have a higher probability of causing tooth decay. Obviously the probability would increase for higher levels.

Chocolate: (because I feel like it)
Super-sticky fudge
I have several ideas of how this could work. All of them have to do with enhancing the sticky criticals.
1. Choco weapons have a higher probability of criticalling (just like "Swwweet").
2. When choco weapons critical, they have a certain probability of completely immobilizing the monsters, rather than just slowing them.
3. Instead of having a certain probability of immobilizing monsters, choco criticals will immobilize them for part of the time that the monsters are stickied. They would be immobilized for one fifth of the time with 1 point, and all of the time with 5 points.
4. The slowing effect of stickiness is increased. Obviously it would slow them more at higher levels. Perhaps at level five they would be completely immobilized.

I wonder why I went so overboard with the chocolate rather than the cute or sweet.
Rainbows FTW!
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