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Default Re: Happyponygate Skill Contest!

(Sweet Skill)
Move faster when enemies are getting hurt by your HR Puffencrush. Mwahahaha, go crazy with that machine gun, Bouapha! Kill! Kill! Kill! More speed for more points. Note that this isn't just more speed when the HRP is being fired, or the player would just fire it randomly all the time to walk faster.

(Sweet Skill)
Enemies are increasingly susceptible to sweets. With more points, Tooth Decay is more likely to happen to enemies.

Revenge Is Sweet
(Sweet Skill)
Bouapha does much more damage when his HP is low. This damage amount increases with more points.

Scratch Fury
(Cute Skill)
Bouapha is better at using his animal-based melee skillz. When monsters use melee attacks against him, he has a small chance to block their attack and whack them with his gun for a bunch of damage. More points increases the likelihood of blocking and damage amount.

Big Ears (or, alternately, Pet Psychic)
(Cute Skill)
Bouapha can detect enemies from far away. It's pretty much the same as tracking. With more points, Bouapha can detect other things (like phone booths and special goodies), and from farther away. Hooray for utility skills!

EDIT: Yeah, I know Snuggle-type isn't one of the winning slots, but I feel like suggesting some as back-up just in case I don't win either of the Cute and Sweet slots!

Heart Of Gold
(Snuggle Skill)
Heartwarmed enemies drop more money (more with more points). This is to make the Heartwarming effect more equal to Tooth Decay in usefulness.

Giftbot's Revenge (or The Gift That Keeps On Giving)
(Snuggle Skill)
Upgrades some gift-based super power or weapon with more points.
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