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Default Re: "Imaginary Estate"

I picked I'm not sure, because it's more of a mixture of the options. I think it's and idea that could work in lots of games. I think if the levels mostly do look like the insides of buildings, it woulds make sense. Though how big the levels are would determine how much scope the levels would have, as opposed to all being monster-in-a-box levels. The variety of monsters could also decide how worthwhile it is.

However, it could work in its own game, a bit like Second Life and stuff, with people able to build their own level spaces.

Actually, I can't really think of any other situations. HPG seems to fit with it, because there will be lots of empty buildings to fill, which have been taken over by crazed happy creatures. So it makes sense to battle inside buildings. But there are very few other situations that would work. So I do think it would be best going in HPG, but only if there's enough potential for variety in levels.
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