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Default Re: Nothing to see here...

Since you guys didn't help come up with the crazy people, we get a time jump A bad one.Hmm, alright I'll just go in a different direction then. First person this time. But it actually builds this guys character.
Ugh... My...head...hurts!
They're here. They're always here. Even when it looks like they aren't. They're just there. The chicken scratches on these... padded walls. Thousands of them. Thousands cannot be wrong.

It's-it's-it's changing! New information! Blasted jacket! I can't move around easily... I...just can't get up!

*15 minutes pass*
(Heavy breathing is heard, as if someone is out of breath)
Now to see what the writing on the wall is.

"Doctor, we'll get you out of there"
Yes! I was a doctor! My name was...

That's when the sharp pain entered my skull. It was just too much. I passed out.
Short story stuff!
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