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Default Re: Nothing to see here...

This is more of an example of what happens... I'll wait longer in the future, but this kinda could be considered huge plot advancement. I also need a name to call this guy .
The patient, looking around his surroundings, finds a lone window, alas it is boarded up. But the glass remains. He slowly walks over to it, as for some reason, his leg is acting up. Actually, both of them are. He glances at the window, seeing his dim reflection. It seems someone put a small mirror in the corner.

He spys a figure wearing a medical mask. No wait! That isn't just any figure! It's HIM! The man steps back, falling onto a sofa, where he convienently sits, spending time to contemplate on what to do.

He finally figured out what to do. He started to pull loose the medical mask. Something fell out and rolled under the sofa, and in his distraction, he mispulled, causing him to nearly faint, but he still collapsed on the sofa.
Erm. Not so short as I thought it would be... Eh, happy surprise.
Short story stuff!
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