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Default Re: Nothing to see here...

Well, it seems I've gotten the most input I'm going to get at this point... I also got a little hidden input (chat input, but it was what I thought would happen anyways, lol; well, mostly)
The masked man looked under the sofa, to try to get what fell out.
"Yo! Douglas! Whatcha doing?" Called some unknown person.

The still masked man grabbed whatever fell under the sofa and shoved it into one of his pockets, got up, and looked around, expecting two people out there. There was only one.

"Douglas, don't you recognize me?" The other patient said, as 'Douglas' could now see. "Don't tell me they mind wiped you AGAIN! That'd be the third time this week, what'd you do this time? Remember too much? Get into a fight? Told Luke you were his father again? Man, you should stop doing that, you know it makes him angry!"

'Douglas' realized his last name was Douglas... Although he didn't remember much else. These acts were unfamiliar to him.
Yeah, you can still do input, sillys!
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