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Default Re: Nothing to see here...

Huh, I coulda sworn that Coolguy's post only said Herman

"Herman? Sheguy? Coolguy? Chuck? Jerry? Captain Bullet Punch Man?" Douglas asked, digging for the truth.

"It seems you're starting to regain your memory now," said the patient with one of those names, while sweat was visible on his brow. "yeah, my names Herman. You know, it's cake day in the cafeteria, I have some stuff to do first, meet me up there in a few, okay?"

'Herman' left towards a different hallway than the one marked 'CA TERIA' in somewhat faded letters, of which some were missing in a quite odd combination. Maybe they served real Chinese food?

Douglas reached into his pocket and got out the object that had fallen. It was a folded piece of paper.
I know whats on the paper. Do you? And yes, you can still help change what Douglas does.
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