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Default Re: Happyponygate Internet Contest!

I suggest being able to start a challenge. The challenge will be to beat the level you have created faster then other members. How this work is that you complete your own stage. Then the time it took you gets recorded in "Best time" then anybody who wants to can go in your level and it shows your own "best time" and the best time of the room maker. If the room maker put a challenge up, you can take the challenge(costing you a certain amount of currency) and if you win, you get x5 that amount of currency.

Example: bob made a level. Bob manages to beat his level in 1:03. so he puts up his score for challenge. Joe(from another computer) comes in the room and takes the challenge. Then beats it in 1:11. He now loses an amount of currency. Then Billy(from yet another computer) comes in and gets 0:59. He now wins 5 times the amount of currency required to take the challenge.

The point of this is to attempt to get money at the cost of maybe losing some and also challenging your friends.
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