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Default Re: Happyponygate Internet Contest!

Collectible item rewards for doing certain things online. They may or not be useful, depending. These will have their own section, or own inventory if it would limit the amount of items you could carry. They'd have random generated names (if possible, if not, then random sounding names. 'Hammer of Golath' 'Gauntlet of Larthur' 'Toilet of Mary' etc.) You can trade them, but for only other of the same (no trading for coins, other items, etc. These are just fun items )

These should be able to still be gotten even if you fulfilled all of the requirements for getting them. Perhaps a point system where you get points for doing certain things like how much money you get for trading is related to how many points you get from it. Trading points to get the trophy rewards/collectibles would get gradually more expensive, perhaps reaching a cap.

Perhaps a display case that you can show a select number of trophies that you've gotten? (Chosen by user)
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