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Default Re: Happyponygate Internet Contest!

Heh, more "creativity" Net ideas:

I think a "puzzle creator" has potential. Players could draw a picture in game (using aforementioned MS Paint tools) or just draw a .bmp and load it in, then they could use sort of a "divider" or cookie cutter style tool(s) to "slice" the picture up into puzzle pieces. (There could be pre-determined versions of the "divider" too, in case people don't want to make the effort to cut it up themselves.) Then they could share them with other HPG players, who could try to solve them.


I like the graffiti wall idea much better then the one below, but I wanted to mention it:

A modern art museum, indoor or outdoors. Players would be able to buy a spot in the museum, then they would be able to create sculptures using (in my mind) metal pieces and sections that would fit together a lot like tinker toys. The options for types of pieces would expand over time.

Alternatively, and on a bigger scale, Hamumuians could work together to create ONE BIG sculpture out on the outskirts of London (So it could grow really big). If it were next to a forest, Jamul could continually add to the forest so that there would always be more space for construction...
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