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Yerfdog HPG: Internet Required?

This is a very simple poll, but think hard! There are two possible paths:

* Make Happyponygate require an internet connection to play. If this is the case, your game will be saved online and you can play it on any computer any time. It would automatically download the files it needs to be played, on demand as you visit new areas. It also frees me to make many more interesting internet features than I otherwise could. The only downside is an obvious one: you can't play this game on a computer that is not online!

* Support offline play. If this is the case, the upside is that you could play the game offline. The downside is the loss of the specific features I mentioned above, and a severe curtailing of other as-yet-unknown features. See, if I support both off- and online play, I basically am developing two games at the same time (to some degree), and so it really limits just what features I can include, and am willing to include, knowing that I'll have to develop two completely different versions of them.

So the question I am really asking is: How important is it to you to be able to play offline?

Your comments with regard to your vote are also appreciated.

In short: Do you think being able to play offline is so important that you are willing to lose the cool internet features to have it?

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