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Default Re: Happyponygate Skill Contest!

ChocoFrost Armor
An armor made to frost chocolate. It's so resistant than an explosion from an atomic bomb lets that armor neat with no stains.
At level 1, it reduces damage from 10%. Each level adds 5% damage reduction.

Chocolate Swiftness
You become as swift as chocolate that badguys miss you!
At level 1, you have 5% that evil guys miss you. Each level adds 2.5% to make missed attacks.

Flower Barrier
Beautiful flowers spit out from everywhere and forms a barrier around you.
At level 1, they can recieve 100 damage before the barrier breaks. Each level
adds another 50 damage before breaking (Level 2: 150. Level 3:200 ...)
Freakish guys flees from a Flower Barrier.


Holy Sweet Candies
Candies falls from Heaven and heals the character. At level 1, it heals 1% of total HP/sec. You can only upgrade once by having 100 more life. (You can upgrade this passive only if your life reaches another hundred (Level 2: Need 200 life, 2% life. Level 3:Need 300 life, 3% life...)

Sweet Melting
Armors from evil guys will begin to melt, decreasing their armor points. At level 1, it decreases their armors by 4 points. Each level decreases their armor by 2 additional points.
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