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Default Re: HPG: Internet Required?

I know a clarification! Let me explain why I am asking this.

I'm sure it sounds like I'm trying to sell you guys on the Cool New Features. And I am! I want to make them, it's the game I want to make! But I am concerned about the two people in comments who were saying they really wanted to be able to play these games on a non-connected PC. So I want to see how many people there are who really value offline play for its own sake. Most of all, people who won't buy a game if it requires the internet to play.

With that information, I'll be able to see if I should go ahead with the full-fledged thing, or just having the few simple internet features that I can tack onto a standard offline-style game. If too many people are really looking for an offline game, it wouldn't be too wise to shoot for the online one. But if it's just a few, then I will definitely go for making the most fun game I can, which is the fully online one.
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