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Default Re: Happyponygate Internet Contest!

The reason I assumed there was some form of trophies was because almost all of the other Hamumu games have some form of them! (Website=Trophies, Dr L=Gallery Goals, LL2=Achievements and Gallery Goals, LL1=Badges, Kid Mystic=Challenge Mode, Sleepless Hollow=Goals, Wee Ninja=Goals, etc)

Make a couple ''racetrack'' areas and see who can get the best times on them. Hmmm... Maybe some racetracks could be constructed by players or randomly generated.

If YB can't be used for the easter-egg/goodie-bag suggestion I made earlier, then just have a bunch of in-game currency or some collectible items.

Let people ''pie'' players, which makes a bunch of pie chunks splatter all over the screen so it's hard to see for a couple seconds. Huzzah for ripping off Kol! (Actually, it would be cool if enemies could do that too)

Give people fun ranks based on how many skill points / mission points they have, like how the old forum had fun ranks for posts. Ranking could probably go from ''Noob'' to ''Pony Pwnzor'' to ''Jamulio'' (with a bunch of ranks in the middle).

A couple community events (also stolen from what KoL sometimes did) would be interesting! You could do something like the World Hunger statue in SWC, except all the players put in an effort to construct it, and big donators get some fun prize. Maybe a couple extremely puzzles hidden in places so people have to work together to solve their way to new areas of the city? Something like ''The four ancient elemental Happy-Orbs have been lost, and they're the only way to get into Happy Pony Land and stop the evil beasts there! The orbs are hidden in extremely hard-to-find places blocked by extremely hard-to-solve puzzles! Work together to find them and unlock a gate to Happy Pony Land!''.
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