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Default Re: Happyponygate Internet Contest!

If you allow special weapons, then you could do the scanner again, but it'd be different:

VERY weak, and you'd have to make the final hit with it. But you get collectible cards. This would be outside of your inventory. The more you have of one the more you'd have to scanner defeat them. You can trade for cards; 1 rare monster for 3 uncommons or something (not set in stone, but as an example) Obviously, bosses would be hard to get, as they would be rarer...

Perhaps the card scanner would be bought in the point store, and set to a third button? (If that's even possible). Use more points to add more ammo.

Now, you could whittle down an enemy, but it'd cost you a lot of points to do so. Perhaps it would be an addition to your weapon? Buy the attachment and refill the amounts of shots you have of it.

Now THAT brings in other weapon attachments! You'd basically spend points to get extra damage in certain elements, plus, you could potentially add odd ones later on. April fools could be a duck attachment, where it quacks every time you hit, for a limited time...

Then there could be a melee attachment for a ranged weapon XD (shorten range to almost 0, more of a prank on players, I suppose)
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