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Default Re: Happyponygate Internet Contest!

Originally Posted by TyTBone View Post
I think Mumbly Jim's should be a lot like the SpisMall in SwC; the difference is that the number of things to buy wouldn't be fixed. Players could buy/download songs, pictures (cartoons or better, to make it worthwhile), commentary, short (or long) stories, crossword puzzles, maybe even short movies, etc. using Loonies.

EDIT: Okay, more specific. Bouapha would enter the store and head to the back, where the various aisles would be labeled, according to what you could download. Whenever you bump into a shelf along the aisle, a screen comes up, allowing you to pick what to purchase based upon what aisle you are in. (Aisle = catagory)

Anyways, then Bouapha heads to the checkout to finalize his goodies.

OH, and maybe there could be a ?badge? for getting a certain amount of store items. (What's the term Jamul uses?) *Goes to look it up* I guess I was thinking of skill... a shopping skill? Hmmm...
Oh wow. Oh wow, wow, wow. I just got an idea that at ;east seemed great when I got it. Building on to TyTBone's: User's could submit their own items to the store, and there would be somebody who looked at each item to make sure it was family friendly and legal.
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