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Default Re: I'm looking for a free, 3d animation tool that is more or less simple

There are two ways to animate- with bones, or with shapes. With bones, you select an area of a mesh to be deformed by a bone and when you move the bone, say it is the character's shin, it will move with the fleshy mesh around the bone. This usually takes a long time and is only should be used if time is not an issue. The way Jamul mostly does it is shapes (Though in some cases like the Ninjabread Man, he does bones). With shapes, you just have different shapes for each movable part of the body that you can animate. If you look closely at Bouapha (especially in the cutscenes) you will see his body is segmented. So, the advantage of shapes would be that the models would be made quicker but have segments. Both Blender 3d and Anim8or are capable of this. Blender 3d has more features and a more powerful renderer and both are equally easy for a newbie to pick up, but Anim8or is better to use if you intend to someday use 3ds Max and be familiar with the interface.
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