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Lightbulb Re: Happyponygate Internet Contest!

Okay, a couple of ideas, parts or concepts of which may have or have already been suggested. But meh...

Players could customize and upgrade their vehicles and sell them at the local used car lot for other people to buy.

Different things to customize:

- color and decals (back to my whole spray paint thing)

- chrome and other metal pieces

- funky objects to stick on their antenna

- etc.

Different things to upgrade:

- engine

- tires

- etc.

The ability to set one's own price is an interesting prospect, but will probably be abused way too much.


Balloon Sender:

A person could draw something or make a small note or attach a few Loonies (or something else) to a balloon, and then they could send that out into the air. It would sail along the plains, until it would reach another random player elsewhere, whereas they would have to shoot it down (or it might just fall down nearby).
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