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Default Re: Both Juliet and Romeo die

Originally Posted by bobinator1992 View Post
Sonic is actually a failed genetic experiment!

How else do you explain him?
Well, the official backstory that I found a snipit of was... The non crazy doctor eggman (before he was eggman) was running tests on a modified hedgehog. He had him running, and due to some obscurish science stuff, he turned blue and his sneakers melted or something...

The treadmill broke. Something about a chaos emerald breaking (Oh yeah, it was Robotnik/Eggman who sent sonic to fetch an egg for an experiment. Only it was a spoiled egg. This caused the experiment to fail, the machine to break (I believe it was a chaos emerald attatched to it...) an explosion, and Robotnik (Actually I think his name was originally Dr. Kintobor, before the explosion) He merged with the spoiled egg, got infused with evil. And that's why he's that way)

Yeah, Someone linked to the backstory comic on a forum somewhere.


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Edit: Ninja'd by SP... but I had more info!
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