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Talking Re: Happyponygate Internet Contest!

Originally Posted by Julian View Post
User's could submit their own items to the store, and there would be somebody who looked at each item to make sure it was family friendly and legal.
Oh, yes! This was what I had intended! Should have mentioned that from the start in my post!

Also, this is probably too difficult, but it builds on the sticker/felt scene builder I mentioned earlier (and yes, I was inspired somewhat by Flash to mention it):


Oh, and I know this is not a simple idea, but I wanted to get it off my chest, so to speak. Jamul can take it or leave it (or take a part of it) as he wishes...

An e-Cards/Lil' Animation creator! Okay, hear me out:

Players can buy this little program in Mumbly Jim's or wherever stuff will be sold. (It will cost a LOT! ) Basically (or Essentially ), it's a combination sticker scene builder/animate-whatever-er/Paint. (Hm, I'm having a hard time explaining it without being wordy.) You have your basic blank screen in the middle, like in Paint; on one side are your Paint-esque tools (and maybe some Flash-esque ones too, like "rotate", "group", "onion skin" to make the 'mation easier); on the other are your Hamumu sticker options (pre-built characters and pieces of scenery to animate); on top are the layer options (if you can't change the number, at least two: one for the background, and one for everything else) and the Timeline (not utterly necessary, but very helpful). On the bottom, you would have your controller and - depending on the style of animation - "frame" or "start movement" button. Importation of sounds and .bmps would be cool, but maybe just a tad too much.

I think there are two ways the animation could go: frame-by-frame or "real-time capture".

"Real-time capture" (not the official term) is an option you would find in Director or even the old game "Spider-Man Cartoon Maker" . Basically, you click a button and from that moment on, any movement that is done on the blank screen with anything (except for the cursor) will be captured. Then you click the button off and play back whatever movement you produced. I really don't like this option; it's way too awkward to be useful and usually makes the animation jerky.

I think frame-by-frame is the best option, to try to keep things simple (this already isn't, but meh ) and more or less easy to use. Players would move or draw their characters in one place, take a "frame" shot by clicking on the bottom ?green? button, then move them again or redraw them elsewhere and take another shot. It's rather tedious, but I think it's the best option for this program.
(I'm assuming the frames-per-second would be automatically set to about 12 ps, standard for web content.)

SOOOOOO... in a nutshell, players could animate funky little e-Cards or movies or whatever, and send them to other peeps or sell them in Mumbly Jim's.

Oh, and I know this is not a simple idea, but I wanted to get it off my chest, so to speak. Jamul can take it or leave it (or take a part of it) as he wishes...
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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