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Exclamation Happyponygate Username Warning!

For the sake of games that allow you to log into them using your Dumb Account (aka HappyPonyGate, but I think this is an issue with some of you (aka 3Smile^2) with Sleepless Hollow as well), there's a new rule on the forum. New users can now only use letters, numbers, spaces and the symbols -+,. in their usernames. That doesn't have any way to be applied retroactively, but it IS applied in HPG when you try to type in your username.

That means that if you are 3Smile^2 or anyone else with a non-standard name, you should contact me about changing it, if you are interested in being able to play HPG (or many future Hamumu games)! I won't do it without a specific request, both because you might not want it, and because you'd be surprised when you suddenly can't log in with your old name!

So if you have a username that has something other than letters, numbers, spaces, and "+-,." in it, and you want to be able to play future Hamumu games, you should PM me about changing it!

This problem may also apply to passwords. I can't control what characters you are allowed to use in passwords, but be aware that the game may not let you type in anything very exotic (it will allow more than the stuff in usernames, though, like brackets, parentheses, asterisks, etc.). If, when the game comes out, it seems to not like your password, you may need to change it to have less crazy symbols in it. Of course, I still encourage you to have a highly secure password!
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