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Yerfdog Happyponygate Event Contest!

Well, you asked for it, so here goes! This is a contest to come up with a special event that could happen in Happyponygate at some point. You could make one up for a specific holiday, or just one that could happen whenever.

Here are the official Standard HPG Contest Rules:

1 - I reserve the right to use (or not use) anything and everything posted in this thread at my discretion.
2 - You acknowledge that you might not get any credit for ideas here. I might have thought of them first!
3 - The author of my favorite entry receives 20 Yerfbucks.
4 - There will be one winner no matter how many entries I choose to use, even if I use no entries. I'll just choose my favorite to be the official winner.
5 - Any entry used in the game will get its creator listed in the game credits in an appropriate section.
6 - Enter as many times as you like!

Here is handy info for this particular contest:

- This contest ends on July 1st!

- An event is a way that the game changes temporarily for a day, or maybe a week, but one-day events are preferred.

- The basic example is "Marshmallow Madness" - a day when all the (non boss) monsters are replaced by Marshmallow Men, and a counter keeps track of how many of them are being beaten collectively by all players combined! When players beat 20,000 of them, the madness ends and the game returns to normal. Every player who participated would win something, or have a chance of winning something. Maybe you get 1 Loony for each one you beat, or each one you beat gives you 1 chance towards winning one of 10 special Marshmallow Head items, which are awarded when the event is over. Or maybe the 10 who beat the most would get that prize. The event would also end if the 20,000 Mallows aren't beaten in 24 hours, in which case no prizes are awarded.

(Note that Marshmallow Madness doesn't exist, and may not ever exist, it's just the original idea, by Varkarrus I believe, and should give you an idea of what an event could be like)

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