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Yerfdog Happyponygate Collector's Contest!

Here's your chance to come up with something for people who pay extra for HPG to receive!

Here are the official Standard HPG Contest Rules:

1 - I reserve the right to use (or not use) anything and everything posted in this thread at my discretion.
2 - You acknowledge that you might not get any credit for ideas here. I might have thought of them first!
3 - The author of my favorite entry receives 20 Yerfbucks.
4 - There will be one winner no matter how many entries I choose to use, even if I use no entries. I'll just choose my favorite to be the official winner.
5 - Any entry used in the game will get its creator listed in the game credits in an appropriate section.
6 - Enter as many times as you like!

And here is info specific to this contest:

- This contest ends July 1st!

- The idea here is to invent an in-game something (item, ability, ... something?!) that would be part of what a player gets if they choose to get the Super Happy edition of the game, for some amount of extra money.

- I just made up that Super Happy name right now, I don't know what it will really be called, but it's basically just the deluxe version of the game. It's the normal game, but you get some bonuses as a reward for supporting the developers above and beyond the required amount.

- If you play Kingdom Of Loathing, this is the equivalent of the Mr. Accessory, though most likely you wouldn't be able to do it repeatedly. You'd just choose to buy the fancier version of the game (or upgrade to it from the regular version), so you'd get a one-time set of bonuses.

- Let your imagination run wild! Think of something I would've never even considered, or something in a whole category I hadn't even thought of!

- Remember, this is in-game stuff, not a t-shirt or cloth map.
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