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Default Re: Nothing to see here...

Douglas was confused, Rakes are lies, cakes are lies, people telling him to use the internet, French voices, he couldn't even speak french... Then he heard, "Je suis derrier de toi!" He was confused but he seemed to understand the french, even though he couldn't speak it, gears turned in his head, "I am behind you" Douglas gasped and turned around. There, in a black suit and holding a sword encrusted in ice was the voice. "I am a ninja" He/I said "The Ninja of Frozen Milk". "Reconniais moi?" Douglas shook in fear as the figure approched and took out a shurikin...

Douglas ran to find a computer but he couldn't find one, the ninja however stayed at his heels the whole time...

Sorry for the hijack but it wasn't going anywhere
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