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Default Re: Infectious RPG!

Chaos turns into a floating liquid blob of Pure darkfire. The blob starts quivvering, and sending out small shimmers. It starts quivvering more voilently, sending out more powerful shimmers. Then all of a sudden a titanic crystalline version of Chaos bursts out of the blob.

P.S. Can I change myself to MP: Dragon-20%. Werewolf-40%. Vampire-40%. Hedgehog-0%. Turtle-0%. Perigrine Falcon-0%. Pug-0%. ? Pleases?

EDIT: Oh, whoopedoo. I just realised that you have to interfire. Well, I cant be bothered to edit all that.
Lets just say that the blob of darkfire absorbed all your shots with no negative effects. Or something. I dunno >_<

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